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    Shandong GTS Group, with more than 300 employees, is a foreign-invested, private-owned,  listed enterprise, which is wholly owned by GTS Chemical Holdings PLC. It has become a grouped national hi-tech enterprise which integrates product developing, design, production, sale and logistic after over ten years since establishment in 2015. Its headquarter and production base are located in Jiang dian Town Industrial Park, Gaotang county, Liaocheng. Its dominant products are lubricating oil, ammonium sulfite, ammonium bisulfite, carburetant, cutting fluid and so on.
    Since August 2012, GTS group had made lots of efforts for two years to overcome such problems as small scale, shortage of profession personnel and lack of fund and started to carry out some improvements, such as standardization of enterprise management, increasing of development investment, improvement of product quality, expansion of market share, enhancing of legal awareness and undertaking of social responsibility, so we passed the strict audit and due diligence,  picky roadshow and legal examinations and finally,  in August 1, 2014, successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange, and the stock code is GTS, GTS people achieve our dreams. The listing makes a strong foundation for sustainable development of GTS since it trained the team, standardize the management, improved the enterprise value, enlarged the popularity, extended the financing channel, gained premium financing, attracted professional personnel and greatly enhanced confidence of employees.
    After landing on the LSE, about 47 first-class financial medias in home and aboard, such as Xinhua news agency, People's daily, 21 Century economic report, Sohu and Sina, reported the listing news of GTS to make a free publicity with a worth of over 100 billion Yuan for GTS, so lots of domestic and internal financial organizations were widely attracted, such as funds, private placement, mergers and acquisitions, trust and financial leasing organization, who came to negotiate the SME private placement note, collective note, shares trust, project funds, equity merger and acquisition and other issues, that not only brought a lot of money for the Group, but also accelerate the development of project planning and professional talent introduction.
    In recent years, GTS people dedicate in hard work and forge ahead in unity to create an "international enterprise served for human happiness and development" and make many brilliant performances under the correct leadership of the Party committee and government and the strong support of all sectors of society: The flue gas ammonia desulfurization technology and high purity ammonium sulfite and ammonium bisulfite by-produced technology won the Patent for Invention issued by State Intellectual Property Office of China; "Production process of industrial ammonium sulfite and ammonium bisulfite" reached the advanced level in the world; the project of braking fluid successfully achieved the "National Industrial Product Production License"; four products certified by Coal safety authority; R & D laboratory of the Group was awarded as "Liaocheng Key Laboratory of Industry- and Food-grade ammonium sulfite"; the enterprise passed through the "Safety Production Standardization Three-level Acceptance" smoothly; Our OGISTAR lubricating oil entered into the sales platform of Jingdong mall.
    GTS Group is the member of China heat treatment industry association, member and deputy director unit of National association of lubricating oil enterprises and the demonstration unit of Shandong small and medium-sized enterprises development of new economy. OGISTAR lubricating oil products were reviewed by the approval committee of American Petroleum Institute API and obtained the API certificate. API quality system of GTS group has been recognized internationally. The OGISTAR lubricating oil developed by the company alone won the "LubTop2016 China 10 lubricating oil industry independent brand” and the "LubTop2016 excellent OEM services supplier"
    The enterprises won lots of awards, such as "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", Liaocheng Integrity Demonstration Unit, Liaocheng Civilization and Integrity Private Unit, Liaocheng Credit Unit, Liaocheng Demonstration Unit of Employment, Liaocheng Safety Production Demonstration Unit, "Quality Credit Enterprise" issued by Chinese Petroleum Chemical Industry Association, "Most Socially Responsible Enterprise" issued by Gaotang county and Liaocheng Science and Technology Award.
    The main product of GTS Group is chemical products, such as OGISTAR lubricating oil, carburetant, ammonium sulfite, ammonium bisulfite and precision machine lubricants. The advanced technologies make enterprise possess a strong competition in the fields of comprehensive utilization of resources, car oil, industrial oil, oil for coal mine machinery and steel casting. The OGISTAR lubricating oil is developed by our Company, and we are responsible for production, sales and logistics of this product, which is a advantage of us. And we make use of advanced production machines, precise detection instrument and first-class technology to implement the improved quality demand to each link in production and test. GTS attaches great importance to the growth of channel dealer. The company takes the lead in establishment of the management policy of "National OGISTAR" and the family service idea of "Maintain a car, protect a family" by adhering the principle of "Making good oil for Chinese", and carries out professional communication, standardized management, frequent commercial interaction, powerful brand summit and all-around supporting services from complete marketing promotion and brand improvement plan to the image shops and exclusive shops raised across the country, which makes our partners grow up with us together. "OGISTAR" is the first to pass the certification of ISO9001-2000 Quality Control System and 14001 Management System, and the National Intellectual Property Management System (IPMS). Its product quality meets the international standard (ISO) and the special specifications of the American Petroleum Association (API). Just within 2 years, we promoted our products to more than 20 provinces for its unique performance and quality, developed over 100 agents and became the strategic partner of Jingdong Mall in 2014. The speed-up expansion of demand market provides good opportunity for explosive development of enterprise. As the locally national brand, "OGISTART" is more and more popular in China and many larger and middle size companies are scramble to order it.
    Our ammonium sulfite and ammonium bisulfite utilize new technology of resource recycling to produce the products with low cost and high returns. GTS has a large and advanced ammonium sulfite production line with an annual output of 50 thousand tons which has good compatibility of raw material and can be controlled automatically and intelligently. Using of advanced automation and information technology can collect and observe such parameter as process, device and products at any time during production, analyze the real-time data, prevent the production risk, achieve real-time and effective communication between human, device and product and lead the ammonium sulfite market with environmental concept and advanced technology. With the enterprise listing and popularity growing, the ammonium sulfite and ammonium bisulfite produced by GTS enter the international market and are exported to Russia, Australia, Egypt, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries, so we now become leading production enterprise of ammonium sulfite and ammonium bisulfite who are not only large in China but also famous in the world.
    With the help of enterprise listing, lots of provincial and municipal agents are attracted while we keep pace with the times and invest lots of money to establish Shanghai electronic business center and make OGISTAR lubricating oil enter Jingdong Mall, which breaks the conventional sales mode, opens the new market and strengthen the brand value of enterprise, so as to improve enterprise image and level, show enterprise strength and promote products for hundreds of millions of netizen in China.
    GTS has more than 30 high- and middle-end management persons, including 4 independent foreign directors, 1 executive director, 25 middle and senior technical persons and 18 specialists for technical development and patent design of all products such as lubricating oil, ammonium sulfite and ammonium bisulfite, and also 1 hi-tech innovative studio consisting of 11 persons, so these technical and administrative personnel make the GTS become the Shandong hi-tech enterprise.
    GTS's Mission: For building a credible, civilized, legal, responsible and scientific GTS, we adhere to the principle of "Quality assurance, customer first", pursue the sustainable development and create high-quality patented products and national brand to strive to be the 500-year enterprise instead of Top 500 and forge the GTS to be the international enterprise served for human happiness and development.

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