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Team Development
    GTS pays attention to the construction of professional persons' team and improves the quality of team. GTS has more than 30 high- and middle-end management persons, including 25 middle and senior technical persons and 18 specialist for technical development and patent design of all products such as lubricating oil, ammonium sulfite and ammonium bisulfite, and also 1 hi-tech innovative studio consisting of 11 persons, so these technical and administrative personnel make the GTS become the Shandong hi-tech enterprise.
    In order to improve the overall quality of staffs and create a high-quality, high efficiency, high execution team, making the enterprise have strong vitality and competitiveness in the fierce competition in the market, GTS group performs the staff training for adaption of rapid development of enterprise. We perform the ideological training to make the staffs feel the pride and responsibility as GTS people, which is effective to improve the staff's sense of belonging and responsibility; in addition, the cultural training is also performed, which can adjust the attitude of staffs and help them work in active manner; the rules and regulations training could requires the staffs to abide by the company's rules and realize the standardized management; the professionally technical training could help staffs understand fully the responsibilities of different posts operation skills and product knowledge and adapt to the different job requirements.
    Under the correct leadership of Chairman Liu Qingcheng, GTS group focuses on the team construction of professional persons and all kinds of training, especially the training and selection of outstanding persons from the front-line staffs. 6 staffs in the enterprise were awarded as the "Gaotang gold workers", they are Sun Yan, Wei Qingkui, Liu Qingguang, Jiang Xikun, Zhao Xiutian and Chen Shikui. And 10 staffs were awarded as "Tiantian Outstanding Worker", they are Zhao Yujun, Xu Honghua, Yang Xichao, Liu Deyong, Huang Yunmei, Yang Guoqing, Wang Zhaoliang, Yang Jianquan, Zhang Shigao and Yang Baofeng.
    "Gold worker" and "Outstanding worker" are the technicians who work at main technical posts and seize high professional skills and techniques in the industry. They are the valuable asset of GTS group, who love their posts and are devoted in and diligent in learning and studying, have the courage to innovate and have special ability to endure hardship to fight. GTS has a large and advanced ammonium sulfite production line with an annual output of 50 thousand tons which has good compatibility of raw material and can be controlled automatically and intelligently. This is because that GTS group focuses on staff training and team construction of professional persons and that the enterprise calls on all staffs to "base on your post to develop technology innovation and create learning organization and strive to be the knowledge-based employee", which indicates that the human resource construction moves to a new step, the technology innovation and production development and standard preparation have strong backup force and the enterprise development would be supported by these personnel. 

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