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R&D Level
-Enterprise development driven by technology innovation

     GTS people very know that the technology plays very important role in enterprise development, we attach great importance to improve the ability of independent innovation, spend many efforts in introducing and training R&D personnel and increase investment to improve research conditions. Our enterprise has won more than 10 scientific and technological achievements in production technology and process R&D in recent years.

     We established R&D and technology innovation management system and mechanism. GTS group strictly accords to the management requirement of international quality system, such as American "API Quality Management", to specify the working procedure, define the work responsibilities, improve work efficiency and further mobilize the potential creativity and positivity of R&D personnel. The technology innovation can not succeed without efforts of R&D personnel. The enterprise make the benefits of R&D personnel develop with the economic interest brought by technology innovation synchronously, which will be strong power of sustainable and deep development of such innovation. GTS group sets up and implements a complete set of development management methods, defines and details the responsibilities and rights of R&D personnel, adopts the target-oriented responsibility system to link the benefits of R&D personnel with economic benefits of company, so the activity and working efficiency of R&D personnel are increased greatly and they can obtain the development funds from governments some of which are granted as the bonus.

     We strengthen the construction of software and hardware of R&D organization and improve the development ability of new products. The technology innovation requires to invest much money to build high-level technology team and buy some R&D tools, and train skilled technicians and introduce advanced production lines. Recently, GTS group further increases the R&D investment, enlarges the office area of R&D center, establishes product development center with an area of 1200m2, owns 17 large-size foreign instruments and more than 50 large specialized equipment made in China, and has 47 R&D personnel, including 16 senior specialists and 31 middle-level specialists and 1 hi-tech innovation studio. GTS group spends 10% of sales revenue for R & D every year to greatly guarantee the product development. R&D center implements 6S management. In November 2016, this center was awarded as s 23th batch of provincial enterprise technology center by Shandong Commission of Economy and Information Technology, and is sprinting to the national lubricant technology center.

     Furthermore, we try our best to do the conversion of achievements of technology innovation. In order to strengthen the intellectual property rights management of enterprise. The equipment company strictly implements the relevant provisions of the state and superior departments such as CEC. We define and describe the belonging and using of various types of intellectual property in the "R&D Management Methods" to effectively protect the legal rights and interests of the equipment company. The project of new technology, product and process of GTS group is close with the market demands, which achieves the development, production and sale in the same year. In recent three years, about 29 new product projects have been completed and the sales revenue brought by new technical process exceeds CNY 280 million.

     Using the patented new technique, GTS has a large and advanced ammonium sulfite production line with an annual output of 50 thousand tons which has good compatibility of raw material and can be controlled automatically and intelligently. Using of advanced automation and information technology can collect and observe such parameter as process, device and products at any time during production, analyze the real-time data, prevent the production risk, achieve real-time and effective communication between human, device and product and lead the ammonium sulfite market with environmental concept and advanced technology. The market share and brand value of ammonium sulfite and ammonium bisulfite rank in top two in China, and in top four in the world. These new projects gradually obtain larger economic and social benefits by continuous promotion and application of new technologies and processes.

Quality Assurance

---Standing at the customer's point, achieving first-class quality

We got the certifications such as hazardous chemicals operation license, national industrial production permit, safety production standardization 3-level acceptance, which greatly improve the level of safety production for guarantee of the product quality.
On August 22, 2011, GTS group passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system, 14001 environment management system, 28001 occupation health and safety management system, marking the management and product quality of GTS group reached the advanced level in China.
On August 1, 2014, GTS group was successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange, stock code: GTS.
On April 12, 2016, the OGISTAR lubricant products of GTS group was successfully reviewed by the approval committee of American Petroleum Institute API, winning the "API Quality Management System Certification".
On September 19, 2016, OGISTAR lubricating oil was ranked as the "LubTop Top 10 Chinese Lubricating Oil Independent Brand 2016" and GTS group as "LubTop Industry OEM Service Excellent Supplier 2016".
On September 26, 2016, the company obtained the certification of design and production quality management system for ISO 169949 lubricating oil, braking fluid and anti-freezing liquid certified by the National Quality Assurance.
On January 4, 2017, GTS group was awarded as the first "Quality Credit Enterprise" of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation by the Federation and National Association of Lubricating Oil Enterprises.
The company's achievement-"the process of producing industrial ammonium sulfite and ammonium bisulfite by waste ammonia and sulphur resources"-passed the achievement verification of municipal science and technology bureau.

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