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Campus Recruitment

The Ogistar Campus Recruitment 2017 has now set sail in full swing, all students are welcome to seek an opportunity for internal recommendation from their elder schoolfellows in the employ of Ogistar, and those successfully passing through the CV screening will be hopeful be granted an opportunity for interview before June 2017.

For further procedures and arrangements for the campus recruitment 2017, please pay close attention to the information announced later at our website.

We know you are a fresh graduate full of energy
We provide a platform for you to challenge the future
GTS Group welcomes every unwilling ordinary heart!

Recruitment Department

Marketing planning department, network marketing department, marketing department, financial department, human resources department, technology department, foreign trade department, public relation department

Employment standard

1、Basic standards - value recognition
4+2: Appreciation, concentration, self-examination, sharing, character, responsibility
2、Key standard - potential excavation
Initiative, learning ability, logical analysis ability, communication ability, team work


1、Bachelor's degree or above with good marks, profession suitable for the applying position.
2、Good interpersonal and coordinating skill, social practice or community organization experience is preferred.
3、Good English level on writing and speaking
4、Ability of analyzing and solving problems
5、Earnest and careful, resistant to pressure
6、Accept work shift

Review of campus recruitment activities:

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