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Social Recruitment
Your Road to Success Will depend on Your Wise Choice
Employment standard

1、Basic standards - value recognition
4+2: Appreciation, concentration, self-examination, sharing, character, responsibility
2、Key standard - potential excavation
Initiative, learning ability, logical analysis ability, communication ability, team work

Recruitment department

Marketing planning department, network marketing department, marketing department, financial department, human resources department, technology department, foreign trade department, public relation department

  • Question: Any certification required for an interview?

    Reply: Here are things to get ready: valid original certificates( ID card, diploma, certificate of academic degree and processional qualification certificates), Resume and other documents displaying your academic and professional capabilities.
  • Question: Could you tell me about the procedure of your company for job application?

    Reply: The application process of the company is divided into three links qualification verification (Preliminary), professional interview, re examination.
  • Question: Could you tell me about the compensation and Benefits of your company?

    Reply: Please contact our HR department for more details.
  • Question: Could you tell me about the types of training available and the personal development prospect possible for the personnel of your company?

    Reply: The company spends a certain amount of training fee every year, provides employees with a variety of training opportunities, and provides career development channels and good promotion capabilities respectively in the management and professional direction.
  • Question : What is your tips for interested applicants of Ogistar without suitable positions?

    Reply: If the company's current position is not suitable for you, we will file your resume to resume library as a talent pool.
  • Question: How long will be the duration of the employment contract?

    Reply: The initial signing of labor contract time is 1 years.
  • Question: what kind of insurance does the company handle for employees?

    Reply: In accordance with the provisions of the state for employees for pension insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance.

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