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Cutting Fluid
Cutting Fluid

Cutting fluid (coolant) is used when metals or similar materials are cut and made into finished products by machine tools such as grinding machines. It is an industrial liquid used for cooling and lubricating of cutting tools and processing pieces. It contains scientific additives capable of performing a good cooling, lubricating, anti-rust, cleaning, property, anti-corrosion, easy dilution property.

It well overcomes disadvantageous of soap-base emulsion such as stinky smell in summer, hard to dilute in winter and bad performance of anti-rust capability. It does no harm to lathe paint, excellent for ferrous metal cutting and grinding.

It exceeds saponifiable oil in many aspects: good cooling property, easy to clean, anti-rust, non-toxic, odorless which does no harm to body. No corrosion occurs to the equipment and environmental friendly.

GTS Group always adheres to the service of top profession and best convenient, making it the foundation for long lasting development.

The group adheres to the principle of less pollution, governmental friendly and people oriented. As a member of the world enterprises, GTS shoulder the responsibility in trying our best to building a green earth

Making good lubricant is not an easy task, everyday GTS bravely takes challenge of complicated processing conditions, cost, environment factors and pursuit of high techniques.

As one of the professional industrial lubricant manufacture, GTS Group never stops in developing and providing our customers the best metal cutting lubricant of specific use.

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