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Carburant is type of additive used in Steel-making. It is an essential raw material for producing high quality steels. It is also can be used as raw material for manufacturing electrode paste.This carburant is coal featured which can best utilize waste steel in casting-making process and less pig iron or no iron.In electric melting-refining furnace, the material is usually put between melting materials ( metal first, and then the agent). Quantity required: 1-3% of total metal put in.

It can be well absorbed by melted iron and no residue will take place, cost saving.

Fixed Carbon:90-95(%) Specifications:user's requirements (item) Water:Less than0.5(%)
coefficient of expansion:3.5(fold) residue on sieve:0.5-8(%) Ash:4-8(%)
volatile:1-2(%) screenings:0-0.3(%) sulfur:0.25-0.4(%)

The Calcined-coal carburant is a carburant based on the anthracite from Ningxia, which has been widely used in all large steel plant and foundries; The coal-based carburant is hereinafter referred to as "Calcined Coal"

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