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Ammonium Sulfite
Ammonium sulfite

GTS Group is one of the major manufacturers engaged in production of ammonium sulfite in China, and since 2007, has been committed to service for the papermaking industry and chemical industry. Our chemical products have been used in the sustainable papermaking industry with. The raw materials of these paper manufacturers include straws and other non-wood waste.

GTS Group has produced ammonium sulfite at an annual capacity of 590,000 tons, accounting for 46.8% of the total capacity of up to, the product is in the national total production capacity, which has created a national famous brand for its products, and enjoyed good fame in domestic and foreign markets as thanks to the production and sales of the products under the series of “GTS Ammonium Sulfite; The company has an independent import and export right, with 65% of its products for export every year to South Korea, southeast Asia, Russia, Africa, Western Europe and other countries, and has established a strategic cooperation for perennial supply with numerous domestic major companies.

Ammonium sulfite is a kind of chemicals for special use, and is available in liquid or solid form, Which has been used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, papermaking, and other industries. In the papermaking industry, it is mainly used to decompose the lignin in plant fiber in the process of pulping based on non-wood raw materials (such as straw). Generally, the manufacturer determines it production order according to the demand of the customers, and the demand and pricing is closely related to the world chemical industry and economic cycle.
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Chemical formula:(NH4)2SO3 Solid:Industrial, medical and food grade Liquid:Industrial grade
Concentration Liquid:30% - 35% Solid:85% - 90%

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