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Ammonium Bisulfite
Ammonium bisulfite

Ammonium bisulfite can be directly produced or used as a byproduct for production of sulfuric acid. In the petroleum and water treatment industries, ammonium bisulfite can be used to remove the dissolved oxygen and prevent the corrosion of sewer lines and low pressure boilers. In the chemical engineering industry, ammonium bisulfite can be used as a raw material for production of other chemicals, such as sulfur dioxide and sodium hyposulfate. Ammonium bisulfite is also used in the pulp and paper industry for cooking and bleaching pulp.

The liquid ammonium sulfite and liquid ammonium bisulfite are produced in the four same production lines. GTS Group controls the its production of chemical products by adjusting the raw materials, temperature, pressure, allowable reaction time and so on.

Ammonium bisulfite solution

CAS NO.:10192-30-0
Molecular formula:NH4HSO3
Molecular weight:99.1096
Physical and chemical properties:Appearance: Pale yellow liquid
Purpose:Ammonium bisulfite solution can be used for the synthesis of dye intermediates, surfactants, pesticide herbicides, and reducing agent of pharmaceutical industry, and can also be used for protection in the development process of the photographic industry.
Packing:270 kg plastic drum. 1.25MTS/IBC
Product specifications:Complete series

Total of ammonium bisulfite and ammonium sulfite %
Ammonium thiosulfate%
Ratio of ammonium bisulfite/ammonium sulfite%
NH3?Assay, % by weight NH3
SO2?Assay, % by weight SO2
Ration, %SO2?/%NH3
Indicators(USE FCC)

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