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With the rapid development of our business, expanding of enterprise scale and growing of energy consumption of group, how to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and effectively control the pollutant emissions are the serious difficulties for the group.

Regarding the environment protection and climate change, we believe that the large company should take large responsibility, the stated-owned company take the national responsibility and the international company take the international responsibility. We put green low carbon into the company's development strategy, that is, implement the concept of green low carbon into all aspects of our production and operation. We will continue to adhere to the concept of green low-carbon development, adopt the green and low-carbon production, take great pains to promote green, circle and low-carbon development, and make efforts to complete the mission of conversion of the traditional petrochemical industry into green and low-carbon industry with low consumption and high efficiency and strives to become a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise.

GTS group always adheres to concept of "not seeking the enterprise development with harming the environment; not exchanging the short benefit of enterprise for sacrificing the long-term benefit of environment; not beautify the working space with harming the employee's health", tries to reduce the resource and energy consumption during production, eliminates or lowers the environmental pollution in production and operation, strives to effective implementation of energy-saving management system and full improvement of energy-saving and emission-reducing control ability, technology guarantee ability and ability of management personnel by the end of 2015, so that the general management level of energy saving and emission reduction is improved to be the industry benchmark.

The concept of green and low-carbon has been deeply rooted in the GTS people’s heart and reflected in the production and life of every employee 。Environmental-friendly, low-carbon development is our mission and responsibility, and the foundation stone for comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development.

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