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Public Welfare

As a socially responsible enterprise, GTS Group actively devote itself to public welfare undertakings. In 2015, GTS Group participated in social public welfare and charity activities more than 10 times, spending more than CNY 100 thousands.

1、Aid to the most needy workers every Chinese New Year;

2、Fulfillment of the social responsibility and advocacy of green environmental protection - Contribution to the Green Cycling Activity sponsored by Gaotang Giant;

3、Aid to Liu Zhixiao, a pupil with acute leukemia from the Third Experimental Primary School of Gaotang County by exhibition and sales of the GTS Group’s Products.

4、Contribution of CNY 30,000 to the Spring Rain Association for Financial Aid to Students, filming a micro movie titled "The vow" aimed at city-wide aid to the most needy student of having both ability and political integrity to help them improve their life, finish school and step on a wider life stage;

5、GTS Group’s consolation to senior without family in geracomium on Mid-Autumn Festival;

6、Organization of the Second Commendation Meeting and Double Ninth Festival Get-Together Party for 100 Filial Piety Stars;

7、Organization of GTS Cup "Gaotang-Mid-Autumn Track and Field Sports Meeting;

8、Organization of public auction for public welfare to sell the gifts the cadres and workers of the company unable to refuse in the process of performing their respective duties to raise money for the Liaocheng City Spring Rain Association for Financial Aid to Students.

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