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Staff Care
Talent is the company's precious resources

The infinite vitality of the company lies in respecting people, understanding people, caring about people and cultivating people;
The company not only aspires to become a first-class enterprise producing high quality products but also wishes to grow up into an entity cultivating and bringing up modern people of new type;
The company regards the staff as its compact family member, while the staff treats the company as their home.

Staff Care

       GTS Group has created a favorable working and living conditions for its staff, and the commuter buses of the company are available free of charge for the staff living in the county town; The company also provides free accommodation; The wages for each month have been paid in full in a timely manner, and never ever delayed in payment; The working hours, , labor remuneration, labor protection, rest period, vacation, protection of women workers, and other aspects have all been in strict accordance with the provisions of Labor Law, and under the premise of compliance with the laws and regulations, the company makes use of existing conditions to safeguard the legal rights and special interests of the staff.

        GTS Group has actively established the labor union organization, carrying out trade union work and implementing democratic management to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of its staff; The company has selected 29 staff representatives through a legal procedure and set up a trade union committee consisting of 5 members, with four affiliated committees, currently with 239 labor union members, accounting for 90% of the total staff, including 151 male members and 65 female members, with the female members accounting for 30.2% of the total members.

       In order to enrich the spare-time life of the staff and promote level and quality of the staff, GTS Group has actively organized the staff to undertake a variety of activities like the reading activity with the theme of "Keeping in mind the responsibility, Performing duties faithfully, and Improve cultural literacy" to strive for creation of a learning-oriented enterprise; With the theme of serving people, dealing with concrete issues and keeping honest and upright, the Group has carried out the education practice activities in line with the mass routine of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to concentrate the power of CCP and play the role of CCP members and cadres a pioneer, improving the ideological awareness of staff, making clear the development direction of the enterprise, organizing the staff to carry out the tourism development activities, actively carrying out various recreational and sports activities, setting up the Home of Staff equipped with complete office supplies and a large number of equipment, conducting male-staff basketball game, female-staff tug-of-war competition, slow-speed cycling race, rope skipping race, men's and women's table tennis competitions and other activities that have increase the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the enterprise, carrying out the activity for promotion of mandarin, morning training activities, civilization etiquette training activities, carrying out education activities for young staff to focus on cultivating young cadre and grasp the future of GTS Group;

       Activities of providing support to people who are in need have been carried out to exclude the difficulty and anxiety for the staff. The Company has carried out investigation and survey on the most needy staff and establish their dynamic archive in order to know more about them and try best to help them. The company has been caring about the life of its staff, actively solving practical problems for staff in difficulty; The company will try to help any staff in case of their family encountering any sudden events or special difficulties to make the staff feel the warmth from the kinship staff family, and deepen the harmonious labor relations.

       GTS Group brings into effect a home-delivery system of “Fund card for Filial Piety" for home delivery of cards to all parents to encourage the staff to respect the old and cherish the young and motivate the staff to dedicate to their work and working enthusiasm.

       The Company has established the GTS Group Council for Weddings and Funerals to provide services for the staff.

Proceeding from actual conditions all the time

       The Company thrives in aspects of both production and marketing, achieving continuous rapid growth of sales and continuous improvement of staff’s income. With the standpoint for strengthening humanistic care to the staff and establishing a harmonious enterprise, the leaders of the Group has created a series of welfare – on every occasion like Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, benefits and gifts are distributed to each of the staff, annual increase by 5% in salary is given to the staff, plus year-end bonus, fund for filial piety, Ogistar Lubricant Card for Vehicle Maintenance and other welfares, providing all staff an increase in welfare income equivalent to more than CNY 2,000 in addition to their salaries.

Staff Safety

       GTS Group has been attaching great importance to production safety, and concerned about the health of staff, strengthening the concept of "safety development" and consciousness of "red line", adhering to the work principle of "Safety guarantee based on prevention first and comprehensive management", comprehensively promoting the establishment of responsibility system for production safety, actively trying to identify potential safety hazard, perfecting related systems to standardize the management, strengthening the hidden risks identification in all critical areas and key period and vulnerable spots to establish a long-term effective mechanism for safety in production, always regarding safety management as a strategic measure for the long-term safety of the enterprise, sending every day middle-level cadres to mainly inspect and strengthen all the basic works for the safety management of equipment, operation, production, fire control, hazardous chemical substances and so on, organizing and carrying out a series of safety related propaganda, education, examination, evaluation and emergency drills and other activities and creating a enterprise culture atmosphere of "safety development", distributing labor insurance supplies, strictly implementing the standard procedures for operation, scientifically arranging the work time, paying attention to the physical and mental health of staff in order to provide staff with safe and comfortable working environment and a real sense of safety.

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