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2017 OGISTAR cup GTS car drifting grand prix finished successfully

2017 OGISTAR cup GTS car drifting grand prix ,which is undertaken by GTS group finished successfully on Nov.5th,2017 in Gaotang Dashun play ground.More than 50 players from Italy,New Zealand,Malaysia,Thailand , Myanmar,China and Taiwan and so took part in the game.They competed with each other and showed all kinds of drifting skills fully ,bring a car feast to thousands of audiences.Through 2 days fierce competition,all the winners came out.Yang Lifeng , come from China won championship,

second and third are Chan Xiaodong and Guan Yirui.It’s reported ,this time is the biggest even in the drifting history in China.

During the 2 days ,there are huge crowds of people on Dashun playground,scream and applaud sound is from here to there.Top level professional player’s tail flick ,drifting with passion and car drifting skill show caught the eyes of every people every time.It’s accurate play behind thrilling and stimulation.The operation which seems very relaxed,testing the player’s control of speed and direction.Their perfect operation over the normal people’s understanding on driving.Nervous

stimulation atmosphere and burned tyre pervaded all the playground.

Audience take out there camera and cellphone took a lot of photos,it’s amazing to appreciate so wonderful game in front of their own home.

As the biggest drifting event on Gaotang history ,the game got the vigorous support of Shandong TV, Shandong auto and motor federation,and Gaotang government,attracting more than ten thousands of audience.CCTV-2 finance channel ,CCTV-5 sport channel ,CCTV-13 news channel ,Shandong broadcast and Television station,Shandong sport channel ,Lighting News,Qilu Net and so on made in-depth transmission.People's daily, Xinhua net, CNR network, international online, China Lubricant information network, Big public network, Traffic radio, Mass network, China Shandong network, Phoenix network, Sina, NetEase, Tencent, Sohu, Today's headlines and so on made the strong transmission.

During the game ,OGISTAR lubricant produced GTS group,was used.This is the first try in lubricant area in China ,showed the strong strength of GTS group.OGISTAR lubricant supplied good quality service for all the participating vehicles and player’s for it’s best quality .More than 50  vehicle teams gave great reflection ,players are satisfied.The wonderful performance of OGISTAR lubricant in the game,proved it’s great quality ,making Tiantai people more confident on their own products.

This car drifting grand prix would help OGISTAR to show it’s shine on the domestic market.

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