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OGISTAR shocked lubricant area,CCTV and 40 more medias reported it thousands of people focus on it.

The final of 2017 OGISTAR cup GTS car drifting grand prix ,take place on Dashun playground in Gaotang,Shandong province.Top level players from China (Taiwan ),Malaysia, Thailand,New Zealand,Italy,Myanmar and so on competed with passion on the track,after many rounds of competitions driver Yang Lifeng coming from Henan won the championship.

Car roared ,fired the site .45top level drivers in the world, 12 drifting teams from domestic and foreign fight wits and courage “with full force”,competed on the track ,bring a realistic “The Fast and the Furious”.

It’s reported that the track is split into three stages,they are starting drift stage,Pendulum stage and ending stage .The game use 10 mark deduction system,according to the speed ,angel,radian,smoke ability ,the distance of two cars,foul,to scoring two cars.

Car drifting is a new sport game,which is popular in developed countries these years ,it’s known that,this time is the first time in Chinese lubricant area .Drifting seems is the biggest dream of passion youths.

Now there are a lot of drifting games in China ,as the enlarge of the influence more and more youths like and take part in this game.

Thousands of audience watched the game at site .

Many medias united to report ,audience reach to 10million.

This event is large scale ,big influence,number of participants large.CCTV-2 finance channel ,CCTV-5 sport channel ,CCTV-13 news channel ,Shandong broadcast and Television station,Shandong sport channel ,Lighting News,Qilu Net and so on made in-depth transmission.People's daily, Xinhua net, CNR network, international online, China Lubricant information network, Big public network, Traffic radio, Mass network, China Shandong network, Phoenix network, Sina, NetEase, Tencent, Sohu, Today's headlines more than 40 medias reported lively.

Introduced by Ms.Zhang Xueying, general manager of lubricant system ,when drifting ,engine high temperature and oxidation is very heavy ,it needs high requirement for lubricant.High quality OGISTAR lubricant was appointed to the only lubricant,protecting the high temperature engine and high speed cars.Champion lubricant connected with champion technology,helping cars does it’s best.


OGISTAR full synthetic lubricant racing car special oil.

OGISTAR cup GTS car drifting grand prix is one international feast hosted by Shandong broadcast and television,undertook by Shandong broadcast and television finance information centre ,supplying a platform for car-lovers to show and improve themselves .It will be held in domestic drifting cities one time a year .We will try our best to make it to be a game with competition,effect and Aggregation force.

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