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Party flag leads GTS group step into new times

Party flag leads GTS group step into new times -----The leaders of Provincial Party Committee Organization Department of Shandong province got GTS group to guide part building work.

The leaders of Provincial Party Committee Organization Department of Shandong province got GTS group to check and guide part building work,on Nov.22th,morning.

With the accompany of the leaders of City and county ministry of organization and the party branch’s vice chairman Zhang Xueying,the leaders of Provincial Party Committee Organization Department visited the enterprise party building working room and workshop,checked related files,knowing the company’s party building situation and innovative works.

ZhangXueying reported to the leaders about the company’s part organization’s study Chairman Xi Jinping’s new important statement that encouraging and supporting private companies,under the Superior party committee’s leading after The 19th National Congress of CPC.

Starting learn ,do ,show ,race practicing activity around Party’s requirement,enterprise pursuit and society requirement.Creating Two learning one doing educational upgrade edition , reported the main achievements and innovative in party member developing ,education management,party organization building,,party organization building serving enterprise’s heath,condensate people for party.

The leaders of Provincial Party Committee Organization Department happily saw that GTS group pay high attention to party organization building ,starting party building activities actively,the standard of party building is high,activities’ result is good ,which is very special in all the private enterprises in the whole province.The achievement is uncommon,being the advanced organization in city and county for several years.They gave a certain answer to GTS group’s experience on party building and gave the guidance and ardent hope on party building in the future .

The leaders emphasized that Chairmen Xi’s report on The 19th National Congress of CPC pointed our the direction for the development of non-public economy,made the specific requirements for the non-public organization’s party building work,we must learn it carefully,understanding it deeply ,fully implement.All non-public organizations in Shandong province,should be guided by the Socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in new times of Chairman Xi,implementing innovation driven development strategy,speed up the development steps,turning the plan of The 19th National Congress of CPC into development results,making new contributions to victory of building the affluent society.

Zhang Xueying expressed that GTS group will let learning and implementing the spirit of The19th National Congress of CPC to be the most important politic task.United the thoughts of all workers to the spirit of The 19th National Congress of CPC connecting the practice of ourselves,keeping strong and improve party building works,developing technical innovation and skill improvement , improving master production level,pay more attention to quality brand building,improving production quality and competitive power,stepping into new development times of GTS group,under the guidance of party flag.

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