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GTS group held preaching report meeting to learn the spirit of The 19th National Congress of CPC

GTS group held preaching report meeting on Dec.1st,2017,invited Lin Tong the member of Gaotang county party committee ,The 19th National Congress of CPC  preaching team,Party secretary of the County Bureau of reform to preach the spirit of The 19th National Congress of CPC.All team members of GTS group,all party members,activists and workers more than 130 took part in the meeting,LiuQingcheng,party branch secretary and the general manger of GTS group moderated the meeting.

On the meeting comrade XuLin focused on The 19th National Congress of CPC report,deeply state the new thoughts ,new conclusion,new requirement,new task from the theme of The 19th National Congress of CPC report,main achievements,socialist ideology in Xi Jinping times,historic achievements and historic revolution ,the change of main contradiction in new times ,two one hundred years struggle target and strategic deployment,an all-out effort to enforce strict Party discipline and so on. The report theme is clear,content is rich,easy to understand,entry brain and heart.It has not only theory height and deep thought ,but also it has a strong pertinence and supplied a guidance for all the workers of GTS group to learn The 19th National Congress of CPC spirit.

Mr.LiuQingcheng pointed out that ,GTS group will deep understanding the political sense ,historical sense ,theory sense ,practice sense of the 19th National Congress of CPC,put effort in learning,understanding and doing.Creating a good 19th National Congress of CPC spirit atmosphere in the whole company ,let the spirit settle down and Blossom fruit in private enterprise,stimulates the endeavor of the new era,create a new GTS times under the lead of party.

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