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Two happy events come at the same time to GTS group party organization

Nov.30th,2017,two happy events come at the same time to GTS group party organization,all Party members' meeting held searching Xianyin Liu,SunYan,  Qihui,WangBin and LiuLi 5 probationary party members become full member and absorbed Dezhi Liu,QingguangLiu,ZhaoYan and Houjian Zhou 4 development objectives as probationary party members .Party branch secretary of company ,president Qingcheng Liu made the presentation.

The meeting was hosted by higher party organization leader Minger Wang,firstly,XianYin Liu and other probationary party members read the application ,reported the performance during preparation period and thought situation,then their introduce men introduced their situation and made the objective assessment ,all party members voted without name and all passed.Then Dezhi Liu and other development objectives reported their own know about party and thought ,work and learning situation,training contacts made objective assessment them one after another ,especially affirmed their spirits of hard learning hard working and liking their jobs in the first production line all full members showed their advice by voting without name .

When Minger Wang announced that full members passed that XianYinLiu and other four probationary members become full party members and absorbed Dezhi Liu and other 3 comrades as the development objectives ,9comrades are exited,their eyes moist,their political pursuit dreams come true ,the party organization is stronger.

For a long time ,GTS group has been strong the lead of party to enterprise,following the thoughts that training excellent workers to be party members and training the excellent party members to be the company’s leaders,working hard to turn the talent gathering  advantage into advanced productivity, into enterprise development advantage,let party building integrate into enterprise business.

Under the call of party organization,the company has 27 full members,4probationary party members and 103 members handed in applications,the above 134members has been the main power of company ,supplied a strong organizational guarantee.

In the end ,company party general secretary,president Qingcheng Liu,on the behalf of company party organization encouraged new and old party members to learn the spirits of the 19th National Congress of CPC and Chairman Xi’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics,don’t forget out original heart,remember our mission,strong our faith,keep working hard,brave to create and practice, accept party’s test.Strictly asked themselves as the party’s requirement,be effective from thought and action, devote to company,win honor for party flag,build a good image,hand in a satisfied answer sheet to party organization.

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